Hey, I’m Hussain, Multi┬ádisciplinary creative, designer and developer from London.
Currently available for freelance Front end development positions which include design, development and prototyping for websites and digital tools.
Working both in-house for a large company as well as a part of a multi disciplinary design agency, I have 5 solid years of working intimately on a range of projects and tight deadlines.
Skilled in:
  • HTML
  • Css (Sass / Compass)
  • Javascript (Vanilla / Jquery)
  • Php (WordPress / Custom)
  • Adobe Creative suite (Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign)
Other core tools.
  • Git / Trello / Slack
I have been working creatively with artists and curators since 2007. Staying involved and creatively challenged in the arts industry in London.
Graduating a degree in Graphic design from Central Saint Martins in 2011 and offering web design and development services within the B2B industry since 2011.
Most recently working on an 18 month responsive design update project across a 30 site digital portfolio for Incisive Media, which included sites such as Risk.net, Investment week and V3.co.uk.

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